About Us

About Us

Coast Physical Therapy is owned and operated by Andy Chang, MPT. Andy is a graduate of Loma Linda University and has owned Coast since 2012. His vision is to provide the highest quality of patient care and customer service by using evidence-based protocols to ensure efficient patient outcomes.

The Coast Approach

Physical Therapy is an ancillary service many health care providers utilize in treating their patients and often receive themselves at some time in their lives. You have many choices when selecting a facility to send your patients. So what sets Coast Physical Therapy apart from the rest?

The highly-trained staff at Coast Physical Therapy seeks to restore your patient’s functional movement without the usual pain associated with therapy by treating the whole patient. Not only do we take into account their clinical presentation and current clinic evidence, we also consider patient values.

Simply state, physical therapy intervention success is highly dependent on the patient’s desire to change their behavior. Asking the patient a few simple questions facilitates reasonable goal setting, enhances communication and helps avoid over-utilization.

Coast Physical Therapy specializes in the practice of proactive physical therapy. We feel our job is to assist you in restoring your patient’s functional movement patterns. Our goal is to achieve this in an efficient time period utilizing a four-step program to ensure successful patient outcomes.

The key to successful rehabilitation and recovery is a complete evaluation and assessment. The physical therapist’s evaluation will identify the joint and/or soft tissue structures inhibiting functional movements.

A physical therapist’s greatest asset is his or her hands. Their hands can mobilize dysfunctional tissues and joints which beings the process of restoring functional movement. Through the use of manual therapy, the physical therapist is able to provide pressure and resistance when and where it is needed most throughout the movement.

Once the joint and/or soft tissue structures have their functional movements restored, a comprehensive exercise program is essential in order to re-educate the body on how to once again perform normal functional movement. The exercise program will be specific to the muscles which support and protect their injury or dysfunction.

For complete restoration of functional movement to occur, it is essential for your patient to learn how to prevent an injury or dysfunction from re-occurring. This is accomplished through postural awareness training, post-rehab gym/home exercise programs, and routine follow-up calls by our staff after the patient has been discharged from our care.